Friday, September 23, 2016

Uplighting and Room Uplights for a Wedding or Party

You see uplighting at numerous weddings, parties, corporate events, school dances, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s and just about any kind of event where there's music or some kind of entertainment. So what is uplighting or uplights? Uplights are those lights you see that beam a color up the wall in a banquet hall, reception hall, hotel or country club. Lighting specialists use anywhere from 10-20 uplights in an entire room. It gives that room a dramatic color effect to match the decor or the theme of that party or wedding. 

An uplight can really add that elegant and classy look to an event. Look at your average room, most rooms are one color on the walls, beige, tan or your basic white. Now imagine if your planning an a wedding, a party, a corporate event, sweet 16 or mitzvah and you want to really excite your guests when they walk in a room. That is the idea behind uplighting. Say your bridal party is wearing a light blue and your center pieces are a light blue, you can illuminate the room in a light blue color and make the entire room glow beautifully.

 Back in the old days not that long ago the 1990s and early 2000s lighting production companies used lights with color gels that had really hot light bulbs as uplights. They were dangerous, could cause a fire or burn someone. Those days are over! Uplighting has taken a modern turn for the better. With the new technology of L.E.D. which allows for lights that stay cool to the touch all the time and the changing of colors within a second, the possibilities of uplights are endless. Uplight companies can ow provide a full selection of colors from one solid green, blue, amber or lavender to mix and match light pink and light blue, blue and white or moving lights. Uplights can change the entire atmosphere of your event. Guests will tell you how cool your room looks just by adding a simple touch of uplighting color to it. Consult your local lighting specialists.

We are an uplighting company based in the state of Florida and we specialize in changing your room color and creating an amazing uplight decor. "Wow" your guests with a dramatic and elegant room update and ad it to your services. You will be so happy with the look of L.E.D. uplighting. There's both wired and wireless uplight options available. You can put uplights under your tables for a really cool glow effect or line the room with them.

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