Saturday, September 24, 2016

Party planning and event planning experiences do's don'ts and Vendor happenings DJ, Caterer, Planner

If you're a mobile Disc Jockey, a club DJ, or even a party planner or party thrower, you've had a great experience and you've probably had a not so great experience. There's always something we all have to deal with when it comes to guests, event services and/or vendors, a facility or venue, maybe just something beyond your control. Whatever it is the only thing you can do is continue on the path to success and keep planning, keep setting up, and keep performing. It's extremely difficult sometimes but no matter what everything will work out and the job usually gets done.

Many of us have been there, the DJ doesn't show up, the caterer is late, the guests arrive late or maybe too early. The best preparation you can have for the next time is follow up with everybody the day before and make sure you have cell phone numbers, emails, and contact info of your event experts you can even exchange numbers between vendors. Check in with everyone and find out what time they're all arriving. The DJ is arriving at this time, the food will be served at this time the announcements and activities take place at this time. Having a small agenda that everybody gets is a great way to keep everyone on track.

Allot extra time for all vendors and activities, if the introductions are at 5pm have them start at 5:30pm when you put together all the details prior to the day of. This way if everyone including vendors are early then everything is on time. If the vendors and/or guests are late by 30 minutes your schedule will still be as close as possible. Nothing will ever be completely on time minute by minute.

Make sure there's enough space for setup. As a DJ nothing is more difficult then arriving to a venue and finding out you have very little setup for your Deejay Gear, speakers, lights, etc. Make sure you ask about how much space they need. One of the biggest challenges we as DJs face is being setup far away from the dance floor having to project over tables in the way. This can really be a big no no. Many of the reasons why vendors have trouble with other vendors is because miscalculations and miscommunications. If everyone has the space, time and idea of what's happening it goes a lot smoother. Another example; you arrive and find there's no power available whether it's for the DJ, caterer, photo booth, etc. Always check prior to events that there is proper power for everyone. It will save you lots of time not having to panic.

Have a layout plan, we as DJs like to to be close to the dance floor as I mentioned in the last paragraph. Photo Booths often times like more space in an area that's not real crowded, caterers like a nice long wall or area where guests can line. Making a setup to complicated often times can make it much harder to coordinate things.

Another recommendation that some planners or venues don't do that much is hire companies that provide multiple services. A lot of times people feel it's a better deal to shop around and hire each specific service but when the day comes and you have to track down your photographer, caterer, DJ, photo booth, videographer or even your wedding officiant it's a lot of work. If you find a service that provides your DJ and photo booth or photographer DJ and photo booth that's reputable, I might add, then if there's issues you can contact 1 company not 5. Just a word of advice for you planners out there. Planners come up with an easy template that the vendors understand, making it a long drawn out detailed list can be confusing.

Plan ahead, make sure everyone is comfortable with the timing including your customers and try to be organized. You will 99 percent of the time be so glad you did. It won't always be perfect but if you do get into an issue handle it calmly and efficiently. 

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