Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Marketing and Advertising Tips for the 21st century

Many things have changed since the days of advertising in the yellowpages, word of mouth and mailers. We've opened a whole new generation of marketing and advertising for small businesses and even large corporations. In a matter of barely 10 years the revolution of internet has changed the way we do business. With blogging, social networking, emailing and interactive websites we have a virtual market at our finger tips. So what's right for you?

The largest industry that has evolved within the last 6-8 years is social media. Myspace, Facebook, twitter, instagram and even snap chat have made their way into millions of peoples phones and computers. You can advertise your brand or business idea on any of these social platforms. In our experience we have seen our business grow on Facebook and Instagram. Why are those so popular when advertising a brand, service, product or idea? People love pictures and video! Your customers like to see something in action, it reassures them that, what you have to offer does what they want it to do. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is 10 times a picture. Say for example you have a smoothie shop or your selling a healthy drink that you want to popularize. Taking pictures and video of the blender making the drinks, fresh fruit, happy customers trying your drinks, etc impacts new customers. By creating a Facebook page and/or an Instagram page with  updates, pictures and information you can plugin new customers who will follow you and their friends will follow you.

This day and age having a website and email is a must. Customers don't save to many flyers these days but will remember a website that's catchy. But when creating your company website with a name, make sure it's simple and your potential views and customers will not forget it. If you own a medical supplies company or say a fitness center and you are trying to attract new people you want a website they will remember. For example; is not hard to remember but to long of a phrase. or are simpler to fit on a business card and easier to remember. Those were just ideas but if you own any kind of service make sure your website is short enough to attract your viewers. Also make sure your website has the phone number and email on ALL your pages. This way if your potential customer has viewed the info and they're ready to commit then you have a way for them to contact you right away. A customer electronic fill out form is even better, it will increase you possible sales.

Blogging is another method of sale that's been around for many years but has been perfected for the future. You can join any blogging service or install one on your website like thousands of other businesses do and write about your daily or weekly experience in the business of what you do. The internet loves great content. If you're in the business of antiques or arts and crafts you can write all about different topics in those areas. Those viewers who stumbled upon your information just like you have here will say, "Wow, I'm going to check out their website." You can also post pictures on your blog, website and of course as I said social media.

Last but not least video marketing on youtube, vimeo or your own website are great avenues to gain customers. You can video how a product is made, how it works, how you perform your service or what your customers are saying. Demo videos and promotional videos will highlight your brand or company and help sell your service.

Overall you can decide which internet advertising and marketing works for your business. Always use lots of content, "information," pictures, videos, etc. Excite your potential customers with new stuff, updates, new info and they will stay interested. One more thing be as consistent as you can commit to daily or weekly updates and you will help yourself build that exposure to new customers and even other businesses to partner with.

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