Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentines Day Dances Daddy Daughter Dances School Recreation Center DJ

As a DJ of any Valentines Day dance, daddy daughter dance, seniors dance or any age group we always have a lot of responsibility making sure the music is entertaining and engaging. Whether you have a crowd of 20 people or 200 people there are factors that determine having a great DJ for your event. Your music entertainment and DJ should play age appropriate music that gets your guests on the floor. That means playing the right songs at the right time which allows for the flow of the dance. 

For example; playing music at the right times from the moment the guests walk in the door to the middle of your dance and the end of the evening. Don't start out with fast party music and rock the floor if you only have 5 people in the room. It could be overkill to play fast dance music as they're walking in. Instead easy listening upbeat songs will enlighten the mood and prepare for a great evening. As the Dad's and daughters walk in play kid friendly songs such as Taylor Swift or certain Katy Perry songs possibly firework. A way to open up the floor is to engage the audience with the cha cha slide if younger or older the electric slide. Invite everyone up to learn the dance.

Another great Daddy daughter Valentines dance is a twist dance contest or a swing dance contest with Cherry Poppin Daddies or Rock around the clock. Slow dances can be towards the middle and the end. You could do Steven Curtis Chapman Cinderella or Butterfly kisses. For an older generation good slow songs are In the still of the night or Elvis Can't help falling in love with you. 

Some other great activities for the dads and daughters are a freeze dancing contest where you stop the music and a generations contest. The girls love Let it go from the movie Frozen. A generations dance with the couples where you play 3 different types of songs such as disco, jitterbug and rock and roll are great ways to engage the crowd.

Good luck on your couples dances, Valentines Day dances and daddy daughter events!

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