Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mobile DJ and Club DJ Technologies Techniques & Business

                            The future of music and performances is rapidly changing. Anyone in the entertainment industry knows that in order to stay ahead or at least keep up in the game, they have to include new technologies into their company, business, or performance. Whats the best way to gain and keep your current customers? Offer great incentives to being a customer of yours! I will explain some great ways to continue to do what you enjoy but to keep up with the advancements of life and business. 

                             People love easy ways to do things. Some keys to success are; convenience, affordability and customization. Offering customers and viewers options will create buyers. Nowadays package deals are the future. If you offer several products in one, their more likely to commit to a service. What is replacing your everyday standard dj or event lighting? L.E.D. lighting, or light emitting diode. L.E.D lighting is fantastic because it uses much less power, lasts for years and stays nice and cool for any performance. Are you tired of replacing those 120v light bulbs in your Vertigo? Well there's many LED versions now available that will allow you to spend money on other things besides equipment. Many mobile DJs offer LED lighting and sound system packages. In the past you would hire a DJ and the lighting would be an additional feature.

                               Another great feature that DJs, photographers, videographers, event planners and more offer their customers. Website and online planning systems. If you're a party planner, bride and groom or ordinary person, you can go on your vendors website and setup a music playlist, announcements requested, event details and a huge selection of different things. We have numerous customers who live in other cities and states who are having their event where our services are located and they can do everything in the comfort of their own home and we receive it instantly. There are many mobile DJs, photographers, etc who are still using the paper forms to send to their customers which can be tedious, plus uses a lot of paper. I don't know if you're into the environment or not but we have used 80% less paper then having to print everything and send it to our customers. Offering this online planning system has increased our business but hundreds of customers and saves the environment. Customers can also customize package deals for your services. Adding optional products such as extra microphones, lights, video, bubble and fog machines, etc. It doesn't matter what kind of planning business you are or entertainer, they have many online systems for the industry and for your customers. Everytime we tell our customers that we offer an online planning and music request section they just light up and are impressed with the idea. 

                              As a DJ you may be stuck on either vinyl records or CDs. Using a laptop with a dj program is great if you need to load your music faster and offer more to your customers. And of course CDs and vinyl don't crash but having a backup is always the way to go. If you have considered converting to a laptop don't be scared. It is actually better than you think. The loading time of most songs are 5 seconds vs. 20 seconds to load a song from CD. Plus you can setup playlists for your music ahead of time and have as large of a hard drive to store your music as you need. If you need more help on what computers to buy, specs and more feel free to leave comments and questions here. 

                              This is just a start to what is available with future technologies. Some of the things I've listed have actually sold my services without having to even push someone to buy. People like it easy and available at their finger tips. You can make it easier on yourself and your customers with a few added options. I will add more on technology for DJs, bands, photographers, videographers and party planners in the future. No pun intended and happy upgrading. 

Feel free to post your comments and questions here.

- DJ Billman

DJ South Florida

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