Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah ideas, party, music, theme

                                                      The after party for a Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl is always the highlight of the day and even year. Planning takes months of setting things up, practice, coordination and more. Just about everywhere we go to perform we see some kind of a theme. Whether it's a sports theme, cartoon theme, music theme, multi-colored theme, black light neon party or your own theme that nobody has come up with yet. There are some alternatives to spending loads of money on your Mitzvah. There's also great ideas I can give you to ensure your music is great, activities keep the guests happy and the overall flow of the party is just right. 

                                                     You may have read what I'm about to tell you somewhere in a magazine, internet or heard from others. The top 3 things that your guests and even you, will remember at the Mitzvah. Third is the facility you have or had the event at, Second is the food that's served and first.....The entertainment. It's a fact. Studies have shown that guests will remember the outcome of your entertainment. Now how many times have you heard someone say, "The facility we had the party at was not very good." Not as many times as, "Well the DJ was pretty bad." Keep these things in mind when planning the top important pieces to your Mitzvah. 

                                                    What can you do to make sure the party is a success, you have the right vendors and everything is just how you want it. First do your research on who's going to be your professional. Websites such as and just searching google or bing for reviews is a good start. You will know just from their bio, website and reviews if their too pushy, friendly or unreliable. Make sure your vendors have a general timeline of what is taking place so that they can coordinate between each other. For example; if the candle lighting is at 2pm and the photobooth is open from 1-3pm, make sure the DJ knows to make announcements periodically to get your photos done before the candle lighting. You wouldn't want people going to do that in the middle of the candle lighting. You can also have a schedule of when the food is served and activities begin. These basic timeline ideas help to keep everyone including your facility informed. 

                                                     The reason why it's always good to spend a good portion of your budget on the entertainment and possibly party favors is this ensures that the kids have a blast and they stay busy. Having kids wandering around the room with bad music playing can be difficult. Kids also love, love, love the party props. We use them on a regular basis. Giant glasses, hats, party beads, glowsticks, silly bands, rings, inflatable instruments, flashy neon and light up stuff. All the stuff you can find on oriental trading or online party stores are budget friendly. The party stores are pretty over priced. Bottom line, kids love the party props and entertainment. So if the party geared towards kids than that's the way to be. 

                                                   Next on the list is the music list. Now if your DJ specializes in barmitzvahs and batmitzvahs than you can mostly leave it up to them. But I would recommend at least giving them a small list of your most favorites. That way they can play gangnam style and the cha cha slide and not have to worry that it's not along the lines of what you want. Fill your entertainment in on what you would like to have so they don't get there and play Lil Wayne for 4 hours. Trust me it has happened and even some of the kids got extremely bored. Your DJ should know to incorporate 60 percent for the kids and 40 percent to the adults so everyone is happy. This is all information from performing at over a thousand mitzvahs. Make sure you go more on the entertainment and don't worry as much about the theme of the room. As your party props and giveaways, DJ and food can make your event amazing. 

- Billman 


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