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Great ideas father daughter mother son elementary school dances mobile dj

                                               Elementary School father daughter and mother son dances are a great way to get families together and create bonding time with sons, daughters, moms and dads. It's also a great way to plan dances and incorporate the staff, students and parents. There are numerous themes and concepts you can have to make it enjoyable for the dance you are planning. Some schools have their mom son, dad daughter dances at country clubs or hotels, others are held in the cafeteria at their school. Whenever you have an elementary school dance for any age group attending, its great to have lots of activities to incorporate the guests. 

                                              Some ideas for planning these types of dances are to have different stations for the kids and adults. You can have a snow cone station, cotton candy station, ice cream station and many other fun snack type treats. As for games and activities you can have different stations with carnival games, painting and drawing, creating things, face painting, picture taking station and more. You can center your dance around the theme you are having; sock hop, decades theme, winter wonderland, Disney theme and much more.
                                             As for hiring a DJ make sure your DJ has music that will relate to both ages. You want some fun new music for the younger crowd as well as some disco and 80s for the moms and rock n roll for the dads. A great contest to try with both age groups and moms, dads, kids, is Chubby Checker the twist. This is a good song for a twist type contest and you can crown the best twister. You can also do a freeze dance contest with either groups. Moms & sons, daddy and daughters will enjoy the freeze dance concept. You start and stop the music and look for anyone on the dance floor moving. You can always hand out some fun prizes for the winners.

                                            Some other group dances are your standards such as the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid shuffle, hokey pokey, chicken dance and a few others. These are great to get groups of people on the dance floor. You can even pick pairs of guests to lead in these dances. It's also fun during daddy daughter dances to ask the dads to come up and participate in a rock contest. Find a classic song such as, Bob Seger - old time rock n roll and hand out some glasses and inflatable instruments to the dads. Give them about a minute to rock out and pick a couple winners. You can also have the moms or the dads participate in a hula hoop contest. You can even have pairs for the contest; mom & son, dad and daughter.

                                           As for filler music to keep everyone happy in between the group dances and dinner some fun songs to play are, Miley Cyrus party in the usa and hoedown throw down. For dad's throw in some classic rock songs, ZZ Top, credence clearwater revival, bob seger or even to appeal to the moms or dads, kool and the gang celebration, james brown I feel good and fun dance music. Also incorporate some slow dances every 30-40 minutes throughout the elementary school dance. For daddy daughter you can use, Steven Curtis Cinderella, Bob Carlisle butterfly kisses, Temptations My girl. For moms and sons, Le Ann Womack I hope you dance, James Taylor how sweet it is, Beatles in my life, etc. These are just some ideas. Happy elementary school dance planning and feel free to add your comments and questions.


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