Monday, April 1, 2013

Interactive Games list for Parties Bar Mitzvahs Bat Mitzvahs B'Nai Mitzvahs Kids birthdays DJ entertainment

Here are some great game ideas for mobile DJs, master of ceremonies and entertainers looking for some group participation and interactive activities throughout their events. There are many more games but these have proven to be some of the more popular ones. It's also good to have some prizes available to give out to the winners of contests.    

Thread the needle Divide people into circles and everyone joins hands. Hula hoops have to go around the circle while hands are connected. First Circle to get hula hoops around twice is the winner.
·        Bubble Wrap Contest People are divided up into groups. Each group has to pop all the bubbles in their bubble wrap to win
·        Freeze Dance Contest – Have all participants on the dance floor spread out to make room. Play a selection of about 2-3 songs very upbeat or medium paced. Stop music every 25-30 seconds or as you please. Participants must stop where they are and no movement of arms, legs or body must take place. Only breathing and blinking. (You could use a couple of helpers if necessary)
·        Limbo Contest (Need limbo pole) Ask for 2 volunteers to hold limbo pole. Ask participants to line up and have music playing. The 2 songs preferred for limbo is Buster Poindexter – Hot Hot Hot and Chubby Checker – limbo rock
·        Mummy Wrap Contest – will need 4-6 rolls of toilet paper depending upon group size, and a trash bag. Divide participants up into groups of 4-5 people. Group picks one person to be mummy. Every group GETS 2 rolls of toilet paper. When you start the music, all groups work together to wrap person who is mummy until all toilet paper is off roll. Mummy has to look mostly wrapped then group must rip toilet paper off and place in a trash bag. First group to do this wins.
·        Hula Hoop Contest – Have at least 10 hula hoops available. Good to have a couple rounds of the game. Choose 10 people for first round of hula hoops, 10 people for second round. Have fun upbeat music playing and each participant gets 1-2 minutes to hula hoop. Look for the winners who keep the hula hoop up the longest. Then first round winners can battle against second round for the grand prize.
·        Pepsi-Cola-7Up Game – put all participants in a line and give each person a number. Each person gets either a 1 or a 2. Ask all ones to line up on one end of dance floor and ask 2s to line up on other side. Have players call out their favorite soda drink. Each side will get one of the soda drink names called out. Have music playing low in the background and call out a side (Soda name) This side will run to the other side of the floor and kneels down on dance floor next to the other group. Then vice-versa. You may now add in other names and the players have to do other things. 7-Up means kids run to the center of the floor and high five. Call out sprite and kids have to hop on one foot on their side. Free dance means groups go to middle of floor and dance for 20 seconds. Add diet to any soda name and this means that participants have to walk backwards to the other side.
·        Musical Chairs Get the same amount of chairs for the contestants playing. Line chairs up back to back.  Participants must walk around chairs and prepare to sit in a chair. Play fun upbeat music and stop the music every 30 seconds to one minute. When music is stopped players must find a seat to sit in. Remove one chair every time the music is stopped.
·        Scavenger hunt – Participants collect an item that you call out over the microphone. These items can be hard to find. Here are a list of items to collect. Once player finds the item they must return to the center of the dance floor. First person to return to dance floor is winner each round. Best if you have chairs because you can remove a chair at a time. Player must return item in order to get a new item. List of items you can call out. A man’s belt, business card, spoon, american express card, picture, shoe from outside the dance floor, empty soda can, balloon, the letter Z, a cell phone that’s not a smart phone, a nickel, glasses
·        Huggy Bear Contest – For adults and kids. Have everyone out on the dance floor and play upbeat music. About every one minute call out a number. Players must split up into groups of that number. Anyone not in that group is out.
·        Pass and Guess - A jar is filled with Jelly Beans or M&Ms and is passed around the tables.
Each person must write on a piece of paper their guess and their name. They then hand it to the DJ or assistant. The person who gets the closest number wins the jar of candy!
·        Guys and Girls Dance contest – Have all guys on one side of dance floor and girls on other side of dance floor facing each other. Pick 2 songs for each side for girls and guys. Each side gets 1 minute dance time and switches off. Best dancers win.
·        Hot Potato – Contestants gather in a circle either standing or sitting (preferably standing) and must pass a ball or hot potato type of object around circle. Music must be played in background. When music stops whoever has hot potato is out. They must sit in circle or outside.
·        Cha Cha Slide
·        Cupid Shuffle
·        Electric Slide
·        Cotton Eyed Joe
·        The Twist Contest – Best Twister in the room (Chubby Checker – the Twist)

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