Saturday, February 20, 2016

Walkathons Charity Events and outdoor festivals DJ

       So you're planning a special event outdoors, a festival, a charity event or a walkathon race for the cure. Whichever it may be whether it's a 5k or an event to raise funds there are some great ideas and factors to making it successful. 
       It's very important to be organized and have somewhat of a system down the day of your event. We go to numerous events each year where guests are not sure where to go, who talk to and what's happening. Have an organized check in or place where guests first arrive. Often if you're having a DJ, announcer or master of ceremonies, they can make announcements as to what guests can do first. Usually your DJ or Emcee has a small agenda or timeline of activities during your event. 
        Secondly, make sure you have several things going on at your event, walkathon, 5k run or charity event. It's up to you as the event planner but there's several ideas available. Have a photographer taking pictures of your guests or participants, have a drink station, snack station or activity going on. From a small raffle or 50/50 to some fun dances by your DJ or entertainment. Another great idea is provide a snack or themed snack for the event. For charity runs or walkathons, bagels with orange juice or muffins, bottles of water and or gatorade is great too. Even fruit or anything promoting health. If you event is an evening one include something healthy but a dinner snack, to get everyone motivated. 
        Another great idea is to have a cool character or local celebrity or person to come out for about 10-15 minutes and welcome everyone. They can even start the walk or run to get people engaged. 
        At the end of your event you could create some awards for different participants. Some great ideas are best dressed, best walk time, best team, etc. People love motivation and ways to engage the crowd. Your DJ or music person is super important too. You want them to pick out music that appeals to all ages from top 40 music to 70s and 80s. Family oriented and kid friendly music is a plus. 
      Lastly, the day of your event, charity or walkathon check with all of your volunteers, staff or members to make sure you have electricity for entertainment, enough supplies and people to help get everyone checked in, drinks and snacks, etc. Possibly some name badges or T-shirts to highlight who the helpers, staff or volunteers organizing everything. Have fun and make sure you thank all of your supporters. It's the people who are there to take part in your event that make it possible along with your volunteers and entertainers. 

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